Looking at protecting your intellectual property can be a daunting task.  Give us the opportunity to create the proper plan of action catered to your needs.


We talk one on one with our clients to see where their concern is.


We then create the proper plan and work towards the solution.


Our clients have access to a web portal where they are able to see in real-time our efforts.

Our Skills

Usenet Removal

Removal of your past and future IP uploaded to Usenet.

Google Link Removal

Removal of Links on Google that Facilitate the Piracy of your IP.

Ad Network Scanning

Scanning websites that facilitate the piracy of your IP and to cut the funding.

Video Sharing Sites

Scanning video sharing sites and facebook to remove your copyrighted videos. Currently we are scanning over 10 of the most popular video sharing sites.


Google Removals

Ad Scanning

Video Sharing Sites

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